Admission requirements

The admission procedure for all prospective applicants comprises:

1) Evaluation of the secondary school grades.

2) Written exam in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Applications for the entrance exams outside of Croatia should be submitted to the official representative 15 days prior to the entrance exams taking place in January, February, April, May, June and July in Israel, Sweden, Spain, India and Germany, according to the schedule:

  • Tel Aviv – 9.1.2020
  • Stockholm – 30.1.2020
  • Barcelona – 6.2.2020
  • Germany – 4.4.2020
  • Tel Aviv – 22.4.2020
  • Spain – 1.5.2020
  • New Delhi – 22.5.2020
  • Stockholm – 28.5.2020
  • Barcelona – 19.6.2020
  • Tel Aviv – 1.7.2020
  • Zagreb – July 2020

Applications for the exam term in Zagreb should be sent until June 20, 2020 and the entrance exam will take place at the beginning of July, 2020 at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine premises, Šalata 3b, Zagreb. Number of places available for the exam in Zagreb will be posted on June 5, 2020.

Requirements for the entrance exam can be found here.

3) The following applicants may be exempted from the entrance exam:

– Applicants who have completed a pre-medical college or passed internationally recognized exams (MCAT – with minimal score 125 for each section)

– Applicants who have earned a BA/Bsc degree in natural sciences with good credits in Biology, Physics, Chemistry

– Applicants who have taken SAT Subject Tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, with the minimal score 600 in each subject

– Applicants who have taken the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) – terms 30.8.2019, 30.10.2019 and 15.2.2020 (terms in September and November 2020 are for 2021/2022 applications only)

The deadline for applications for above mentioned applicants is extended to 14 June, 2020 (before May 20, 2020). Places available for this category are 10. The applicants will be informed about the results until 19 June, 2020.

4) Candidates who are neither native speakers of English, nor have graduated from an English-speaking secondary school or college are required to take an internationally recognized English language proficiency test (TOEFL – paper based test 500, internet based test 60, computer based test 170, IELTS – 6). Cambridge and Oxford English language exams and certificates issued by (foreign) language schools (C1 level) are also accepted, as well as certificates of English language proficiency issued by a secondary school a candidate attended.

5) Transfer students can be admitted into the second year only. Evaluations are made after receiving all the required application documents along with detailed course descriptions and transcripts. Please check our curriculum. Applications should be sent by June 20, 2020.

Check Application procedure for more information.

Enrolment procedure:

  • The maximum number of admitted students per year will be 50.
  • Selected students will be sent an Offer of place followed by the Letter of Acceptance and the Contract.
  • Enrolment takes place in Zagreb in September before the winter semester begins. Please make all the necessary arrangements in time (visa, accommodation, vaccination record). These reasons are not legitimate for postponing the beginning of study obligations. (Late enrolment fee might be applied)
  • Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be eligible to enroll. More details about this procedure can be found here.
  • Academic year starts with the winter semester – at the beginning of October. Students have two weeks winter break around Christmas and New Year while the summer break starts at the end of July. Exam terms are at the end of each course and in July and September. Schedules can be found here.
  • Tuition fee is 12,000 Euro per year if paid at once, or 12,200 Euro if paid in two installments, prior to the beginning of each semester. Admission is possible into the winter semester only!