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Entrance exam

Applicants have to take the entrance exam composed of high-school level biology, physics and chemistry. The test consists of 120 questions, with 40 questions from each subject.

To pass the exam an applicant has to answer correctly to at least 15 questions from each subject and have a total of 61 correct answers.

The second part of the test procedure is the situational judgement test (SJT) that consists of 14 questions. To pass this part of the exam the applicants need to score at least 60%.

Situational judgement test (SJT) measures the ability to comprehend the full complexity of realistic everyday situations from the medical profession and make appropriate decisions based on that comprehension. It consists of 14 questions with 4 reactions each that the candidates need to evaluate for appropriateness.

Requirements for entrance examination – Biology
Requirements for entrance examination – Chemistry
Requirements for entrance examination – Physics

Entrance Exam Examples with Additional Questions for the Medical Studies in English University of Zagreb School of Medicine

MSE Entrance Exam Example – Physics

MSE Entrance Exam Example – Chemistry

MSE Entrance Exam Example – Biology