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Application procedure

All the candidates should send these application items:

1) Completed application form

International student application form

2) Originals or certified copies of the secondary school certificates (all 4 year of secondary school or 3 years of secondary school and the last year of elementary school and the final certificate of education) with official transcript of grades.

Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be fully enrolled. For more details about this procedure, please see the following link.

3) Certificates of higher courses or degrees (college/university), if any

Applicants who obtained their university degree abroad will have to get their period of study recognized in the Republic of Croatia in order to be fully enrolled.

More details about this procedure can be found here.

4) Officially attested English translation of their secondary school/ graduation certificates if these weren’t originally written in English or Croatian

5) Curriculum vitae in English

6) 2 photographs, 4×6 cm (not older than six months)

7) Application fee in amount of 250 euro payable directly to our account:

Beneficiary: Medicinski Fakultet Zagreb - Medical Studies in English 

Šalata 3, 10000 Zagreb 

OIB 45001686598 

Purpose: Application fee for Medical Studies in English


CITY: Zagreb 

POST CODE: 10000 


IBAN CODE: HR8423400091110024619 

Details of charge: OUR (all expenses are covered by the applicant)

Poziv na broj 5100

8) Original certificate of the medical and psychophysical capabilities to study medicine (not older than 1 month) issued by the competent physician of general medicine (not a family member) and the completed questionnaire.

9) Certified copy of relevant passport pages with the data and picture.

10) Original or certified copy of their birth certificate (“domovnica”, “rodni list” originals and copy of your ID for Croatian citizens)

11) Certified financial statement that the applicant or his/her sponsor has adequate financial resources to finance his/her study (bank statement or statement of financial credibility)

12) English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS…). Cambridge and Oxford English language exams and certificates issued by (foreign) language schools (C1 level) are also accepted, as well as certificates of English language proficiency issued by a secondary school a candidate attended.

13) Applicants finishing their high school in Croatia should choose our study program Medicina (na engleskom jeziku) when registered in in menu Moj odabir/Odaberi novi studijski program.

Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be eligible to enroll. They should follow the instructions at

Please send your complete applications to the following address:
University of Zagreb School of Medicine
Medical Studies in English
Šalata 3, 10000 Zagreb

Deadline for applications is June 20, 2024 for the entrance exam in July 2024 and transfer students. The deadline for applicants taking MCAT test or BA/Bsc is June 15, 2024.

Incomplete applications and applications sent by e-mail or fax will not be considered.