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High/secondary school diploma recognition

Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be eligible to enroll.

For more details about this procedure, please see the following link.

The procedure of recognition takes approximately 2 months.

The Agency sends back the certificates of recognition, the original of your diploma and the original of the translation to the address stated in your requirement. We advise you to put the address of the School (Sveučilište u Zagrebu Medicinski fakultet, Jasna Gamulin, Šalata 3, 10000 Zagreb). In that case you don’t have to worry about your mailing address.

The completed requirement should be sent or brought to the address:
Agencija za odgoj i obrazovanje
Donje Svetice 38
10 000 Zagreb

The certificate of recognition is the prerequisite for the full enrollment in September.