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Why studying in Zagreb

Why study medicine at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine?


People choose to study medicine for a variety of reasons. Some of them have safe and rewarding medical doctors' careers in mind, while others plan to concentrate o­n particularly interesting areas of medical research. Whatever the aspiration, they are all driven by the same goal: how to help those who are sick and in need of help. Many students find it very difficult to enroll at a prestigious medical school in their home country or in places such as the US or the UK.  Moreover, o­nly a few of them can afford to study at an expensive institution of higher education.

The quality of medical studies at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine has been attracting students from around the world for decades. Since the period between the two World Wars, when the first foreign students started their education at the School of Medicine, more than 700 have earned their medical degrees here, coming from and returning back to practice in all parts of the world: US, Canada, Australia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Germany, Greece, the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland, Cyprus, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Sudan, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, and many more. This tradition in foreign students' medical education, as well as the global trend toward the internationalization of medicine, inspired us to start a new program entirely in English.

Apart from the benefits of a big, cosmopolitan, yet reasonably priced and very relaxed city, studying medicine in English at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, with its numerous teaching, research and clinical facilities, and a completely restructured and up-to-date curriculum, will certainly prove to be a good investment in every student's education and future career opportunities.

Some of our advantages are
The development of a broad knowledge base through a unique mixture of traditional teaching and innovative approaches to medical education.

The early integration of basic sciences, clinical disciplines and the psycho-social aspects of medicine.

The integration of evidence-based medicine (EBM) skills into the curriculum. A long tradition and excellence in public health in Croatia provides a superb background for the teaching of evidence-based medicine.

 ● The development of life-long learning skills. Students learn early o­n that they are responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of their knowledge and skills.

An emphasis o­n primary health care principles.  The curriculum focuses o­n general primary care as its basis, emphasizing prevention and general concepts of primary health care.

Opportunities for individual career development. The curriculum exposes students to multiple facets of medicine, allowing them to make career choices suited to them and the needs of the system in which they will work.

An international outlook and multi-cultural dimension. The internationalization of medical education is designed to highlight the international dimension of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine. It also creates an opportunity for its students to assess their professional competence and performance throughout the world. 

The early integration of public health and health management courses (which at other medical schools are usually studied at the postgraduate level).  There are also integrated modules and problem-based learning.

Studying at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine may therefore be a reasonable alternative. Your studies will certainly be less expensive, but you will nevertheless receive top-quality teaching and training.  These will give you a sound knowledge base to build upon while providing a unique opportunity for the development of your personal career choices. Finally, the pleasant atmosphere of a friendly and culturally diverse city will make your studies even more enjoyable.


Admission Zagreb Croatia General info Students gallery Undergraduate study